I work better on a deadline.

The home improvement virus continues to assault. In the last four days, we've gotten a new fence...

[Installed by professionals, thank God --
they finished the entire thing faster than we could have taken the old one down.]
...and created a big mess in the house:

[Did I mention we're having guests this weekend?
That's the deadline for getting my house put back together.]

...because I decided the pantry needed to be redone.

Granted, it's a little worse than usual because it's about to get ripped out.
Best husband award goes to...
...this guy, because he always gets stuck doing the manual labor.

 Just a few hours later...
Look at all that space!

It's only taken me two days to put stuff in. I apparently have a canned tomato addiction.

I'm sure I'll make changes - probably after a trip to the grocery store. I've got some serving dishes in there now, which freed up cabinet space elsewhere.
Another project checked off the list!


  1. Ha! I've been doing the same thing here (including putting Jon to work)! We've got an old college friend coming in from DC, so I've been going gangbusters on this house. Made him hang up some super cute tin signs from Hobby Lobby (50% off...woot!) and new mirrors in the bathrooms ($20 each from Kirklands). It looks like normal, non-white trash people live here.

    Enjoy the new fence and pantry space!

    1. That's Bob, right? I'll bet he's just as hysterical in person as he is when he writes for you.
      I've made myself stay out of Hobby Lobby lately. Post pictures! I'd love to see what you've done.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love the projects! I totally envy your energy! We've been working on our house, too, but we haven't finished a single thing, so we have lots of projects that are only 75% done lying around. :-)


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