Week 10 Scorecard

Hello, plateau.

I was really hoping to pass you up on this journey, but no, you just jumped right out there in front of the weight loss train, and here we sit.

If I'm being totally honest, it's probably not a plateau so much as a rest stop. I ate Chinese food on Saturday night. Chinese buffet. There's just no escaping payment for that. So if I'd behave myself, I would fly right by this number on the scale and get on down the road.

It's not just a numbers/physical plateau, though. I've been here enough times to know that this is the first of several known points where I just get tired of messing with it -- tired of cooking, planning, thinking about food. It's not always that I eat crap, but I take shortcuts that I know do not work. I spend a couple of weeks in this same place on the scale, and then either fight my way out of it, or give up completely.

Guess which way I'm planning to go?

And in that spirit, today I achieved a first: I ran a full two miles without stopping to walk at all. And I won't focus that I didn't get to go the full 3.2 mile route because every third house had just-mowed yards and I couldn't breathe anymore. So I made it 2.57, running 2.3 of that.

My countdown stays the same, but that's better than a gain. I'll take it, but next week better be a movement in the right direction! This is me kicking my own butt.


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