Week 12 Scorecard

Twelve weeks. Three months. Eighty-six days so far on this journey. Feels like a milestone of sorts. Let's see...
  • In only one of those weeks did I show a gain. And only twice stayed the same.
  • I've stayed focused for the most part; those moments of really wanting to binge on something (Cheetos!) have been rare, and I'm usually able to make do with a few bites instead of 3 servings
  • We've saved a small fortune by not eating out.
  • Between running, walking, and using the elliptical, I've logged somewhere around 100 miles. That's about 9 a week.
  • I drank enough water to float the ark.
  • I finished a 5K in under 40 minutes and ran the entire distance.
  • I now fit into three more pairs of pants I had stuck back in my closet. And I'm buying a size smaller shirt.
  • As of today's weigh in, I've lost 15.1 pounds. I have 47 pounds to go.
I think I really needed to take time to write this out for myself. While I'd love to say I've lost 30 pounds, that's just not realistic (or healthy) and I have to just keep working.


I'll do a separate post on this when I get done, but for a couple of days I've been doing a major closet purge. I took out anything I haven't worn in a year, anything that doesn't fit now (too big or too small) and stuff I just won't wear. While going through everything, I found pants I'd completely forgotten about, shorts that I bought too small that now fit, and workout clothes I can wear again.

And mostly, I realized I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to white shirts. None.


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