Week 11 Scorecard

I tried an experiment. I've been stuck for a couple weeks, so I changed a few things last week to try to jump start weight loss again. I've also contended for the last few months that the day I weigh in matters, but I couldn't really prove it. I'm sure that scientifically it all evens out. But when discouragement sets in, the result can't be good.

Yesterday (Monday, my usual weigh in day) I dutifully got on the scale in the morning. After being stuck for two weeks, I was down .4 pound. (There's a decimal point in front of that four.) That annoyed me a little. Just the day before, the scale had shown a much greater loss, so I decided to try something.

Sundays are challenging -- I'm not home for a good portion of the day, getting my water in is difficult, and it is usually a rest day from working out. I try not to eat poorly, but if there's going to be a restaurant in my week, it's likely to be on Sunday afternoon. So my theory was that the number on the scale Monday mornings was just inflated a bit. Even after paying attention to food and exercise all week, the "formal" result could really be a downer, which I do not need.

So I recorded my Monday weight, and went on about my day. I had a workout Monday night, I drank all my water, and my calorie count was in the right range for the day.

This morning, I pretended it was my official weigh in. The result? Down 1.4 from Monday, 1.8 for the week.  Total so far: 14.3 pounds lost.

I don't think it's a fluke. I don't think I'll put that back on in the coming days. It maps with what I see during most weeks, that isn't usually reflected on Mondays.

Yes, I might totally be kidding myself. But if I manage to fool my brain long enough, great things can happen!

The daughter and I are running our 5K this Saturday. I posted my personal best time on a run last Friday - 2.5 miles in 29 minutes (then Endomondo died), and a total distance of 3.2 miles. Earlier last week I ran a full two miles without stopping - had never done that before. So of course the 2.5 miles was not only a decent time for me, but the longest non-stop distance run. Yay! Now we're having flooding, but my plan is to hit the 3 mile mark before Saturday.

I discovered my mental/physical wall. If I can get past 1.5 miles, my breathing levels out, my legs don't want to collapse on me, and I can keep going. When I stopped at 2.5 miles, it was more due to the music/Endomondo malfunction than any feeling that I was going to die.

My goal for the 5K is to finish under 40 minutes. Obviously I'm not setting any speed records, but I don't care. A year ago (3 months ago!) I would have totally laughed at the idea that I could really run the entire thing. Results to come.


  1. Find the best abdominal exercises for you, with emphasis on the lower abs workouts. Then stick to it! Combined with a healthy diet you should see some results after six weeks.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Suzie! I'm working on a posting about the workouts now, and those abs definitely need work. Hope to hear from you again!


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