Week 27 Scorecard

It's looking rather unlikely that I'll hit my 30-pound loss goal before my trip in 9 days. On Sunday I was showing a full two pounds up, which did NOT make me happy. I worked out and watched my intake on Monday, and the net result was a gain of about half a pound. I can live with that. We ate really well this week -- as in steak, smoked chicken, pork loin, and of course fish tacos. Anyway, I started to panic over a gain and realized I didn't need to. My workouts are going okay (given the temperature) and we've had a lot going on. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't push harder for those last 2 pounds to make 30, but I've also had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks. It's a tradeoff.

Rough life, but somebody's gotta live it.
And that's my bathing suit floating up - I'm not filling that out by myself!

I'll do a scorecard posting next Tuesday, then Bug and I head to Haiti for our mission trip. We'll be there from Thursday to Thursday, building houses in the mountains with the Baptist Haiti Mission.

It'll be the first time this year that I've been reliant on others for food for more than a day or two. Our group will be taking food for lunches - they're planning on PB&J because there is no refrigeration or ice chests at the job site. Of course, there is no part of a PB&J that's Paleo, so I started researching what I could take instead. Melissa over at theclothesmakethegirl.com graciously answered my email asking for her advice. Here's some of the stuff I'll have with me:
  • Beef jerky
  • Nuts - almonds, cashews, pistachios
  • Dried apricots and raisins
  • Medjool dates (because I'm addicted)
  • Apple sauce (no sugar added)
  • Packets of almond butter - not quite Paleo, but almost
  • And Primal Pacs -- which are pre-packaged sets of some of these items that I found online
It will be interesting to see how I do eating this way compared to those eating more of the carb/sugar lunch. We'll be working hard in the heat, carrying construction materials and doing the construction, so the muscles will need fuel. My day job is at a desk, so I haven't really had to test this for more than a single workout before I could get something else to eat. I'll let you know how it goes.

How do you handle someone else being in charge of food when you're away from home?


  1. You crack me up...it's such a good look when a swimsuit EXPANDS in water!! The little skirt on mine does and it looks like I'm wearing a tutu!! Ha! You are right...you are gonna be working hard, so I wouldn't worry as much about the food. You are gonna work it off!! Make sure you eat enough to keep up!!


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