Workout Recap #whatevercomesafterdeux

For the record, these. suck. a. lot.

Thank you, Pinterest, for making me unable to sneeze, cough, or get out of bed without crying. I've done these twice, and I'm due for another set today. I'm not sure if/when it will get better.

[On the funny(er) side, Bug decided to do them with me, and she hasn't been able to take a complete breath since. Teenagers should have more endurance, right?]

On to the rest of the workouts....

It was actually a good week. I reported on last Monday already -- that I finally got over the 2 mile wall again. I decided to go for distance more than speed for the next few workouts. Here's how I did.

My distance didn't go up, but for the first time in months, I didn't walk AT ALL after the 3 minute warmup. I also got the Garmin heart rate monitor to work (finally) and I'm definitely in my target workout zone. I kept checking the Garmin when I'd feel like my breathing was less labored, and sure enough, that's when my heart rate was a bit lower. I also watched it on the stupid hills -- why is running uphill also always against the wind? That's when my HR would peak.

This run was an exercise in sheer bullheadedness. I set the route to be for distance - not a mapped path - and I just started going. I've mapped the neighborhood about a dozen different ways, so I was pretty sure I knew how to get to 2.75 without backtracking. I left the house 15 minutes later than I wanted, and could tell that it was about 5 degrees warmer than my usual 7am runs. It was actually a really good run (check the HR!) with walk breaks only to get water.

Today was awesome! It was cool (yes, 73 is cool) and it felt great. Took a one-tenth walk break after 2 miles, for water mostly. My 2nd mile was actually faster than my first -- that's never happened! It was likely due to the 3 minute warm up walk, but whatever. Obviously, I'm setting no land-speed records, but I'll take the distance for now.

I started looking into another 5K, but it's going to have to be October before I trust the weather to not be miserably hot. I'm trying to get R-Dub to sign up with me - he is getting more consistent in his running, so maybe he'll go for it.

Until next time...which won't be next week, because we'll be working in Haiti!


  1. Great run! Hope all goes well in Haiti, have a great week.

    1. Thanks! We're really excited and ready to go. Expect details pretty quick when we get back.


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