Workout Recap, part deux

[No, I don't speak French. Other than to pardon it, that is. And what will I do after three? I don't know what comes next...]

I capped off the week with a pretty decent run this morning. It was a few degrees cooler (78 instead of 82) and overcast. That made the humidity ridiculous, but it wasn't unbearably hot. Oh, and this was at 7:15 in the morning. Gotta love Texas summers.

I've been struggling to run much farther than 2 miles lately, almost since finishing the 5K (3.1 miles) back in March. I am sure it's mental, not physical, as I only occasionally have twinges in my calves or hips, and no lasting pain from a run. So why do I have to lecture myself for half an hour before I'll actually get out of the house?
  • It's not too early.
  • It's not too late.
  • It's not too hot (yet).
  • You're not that tired.
  • You've done three miles before.
  • It is NOT all uphill.
  • No one laughs when they drive by you.
  • You can get a new playlist later.
  • Yes, the Garmin is charged.
  • Yes, this is a run day.
And it just goes on and on! I read blogs where the runners are SO excited to get their 4,000 mile run in today...and I'm stopping at TWO? WTH is that?

I'd like to find that stupid "runner's high" just so I can smack it.

Anyway, here's what I did this week:

Tuesday's run was actually a first mile PR! And it was HOT.
Wednesday morning was a holiday, so my friend and I did water aerobics that morning. My arms were sore later that day. Or that could have been the two hour motorcycle ride.

A Thursday workout didn't happen, but I gave it a shot on Friday. I don't think the weather was any hotter, but it FELT about 10 degrees warmer. I kept adjusting my route on the fly so I could run in the shade. That's why I didn't hit my minimum two miles according to the Garmin.

Today I deliberately slowed down my first mile so that I could get a better total distance - and it worked. Yes, I realize that I can walk as fast as I run. Shut up.

I also deliberately made myself change the conversation that plays in my head, especially in the first part of the 2nd mile. Instead of "oh, that's far enough" I made packing lists or sang along in my head to whatever was playing. I also said "Your legs feel fine" several times!
Considering it was a holiday(ish) week, I'm glad I got four workouts in. I think my weigh in will be tragic tomorrow, just due to the awesome grilling we did in the last week. Oh, and a few adult beverages in the pool probably didn't help.

I'm giving myself until we return from Haiti to work in brand new workouts. I've got a lot to do to get ready, so I think I'll cut me some slack.

Til next time...How's the weather affecting your workouts?


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