While the Cat's Away...

In this story, the cat is played by the teenaged daughter who is currently at camp...and the playing mice look an awful lot like parents goofing off.

Like, movies until way too late. Dishes that really need to go in the dishwasher. And no workout because sleeping late sounded better.

So I totally blew off my workout tonight. I was under duress -- R-Dub gets the blame (and I warned him) because it was rainy and water aerobics wasn't happening. Who can turn down Paleo chicken salad with wine, cozied up on the couch, watching trash TV?

Anyway, tomorrow's weigh in is likely to be a train wreck, but I had a really fun weekend, so I'll deal with it!

I didn't blow off the whole week. Tuesday and Thursday were run days -- I went further on Thursday (2.3 miles) than I've done lately, and my times weren't bad. Thursday was also water aerobics for an hour -- and I was sore on Friday. The weekend was spent in the pool - some stretching, but not much cardio involved in floating!

Back on the bandwagon tomorrow - early morning run, and I'm going to get my distance up. [I hate writing stuff like that -- now I HAVE to do it!]


  1. Good luck and awesome job on the run, friend!

  2. I tried to comment on the most recent post...chicken salad pic...but couldn't. So I'll do it here!! Way to go on weight loss!!! You are awesome!! And that chicken salad looks SO VERY GOOD!! Yummy!!

    1. Well that's weird. No idea why you couldn't comment. Keep trying! And the chicken salad is seriously addictive.


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