2012: A Weight Odyssey

I'm not a big fan of resolutions - new year or otherwise - perhaps because of the pressure the word implies. Last January, however, I made one determination -- to get the weight off for the last time. Let's see how that turned out:
  • I lost 35 pounds. That's a little more than half my goal.
  • I've gone from a size 18/20 to a 12/14.
  • I've lost 6" in my hips and 5" in my waist.
  • My triglycerides dropped from 200 to 40, cholesterol from 220 to 194, HDL up from 25 to 60. 
Other goals and accomplishments:
  • I can run a 5K without stopping.
  • My pace on a mile has dropped from around 13 minutes to under 12 minutes. My usual two+ mile runs take about 25 minutes.
  • I've completely changed the way I (and the family) eat. I don't count calories or weigh portions, and I'm always satisfied when I finish a meal.
  • I've experimented with countless new recipes, with only a few "let's not do this again" experiences.
  • I've blogged mostly consistently, and I have weighed in for the accountability.  
It's tempting to look at what I haven't done - the weight I haven't lost, the miles I haven't run -- because that's just how we human beings work. Instead, I think I'll stop there and be very proud of what the year has brought. There are of course non-weight loss related accomplishments, and that may be another posting. For now, I'm going to bask just a little, and rev myself up for 2013.

May it be a blessed year for us all.


  1. Super job, friend! I love that you are always so positive (I've always loved that about you anyway)! I've got to kick my weight goals in the face too...right after I finish this sangria and the other six bottles of wine my dad left here. ;)

    Happy New Year! Best of luck!

    1. You crack me up -- I'M always positive? I'm obviously typing on a translation keyboard cuz no way that's true! I can't believe you didn't share your sangria with me.

  2. Hooray for you and all your progress! I'm so proud of you! I know you're going to have another great year because you're just that kind of gal. :-)

    Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! Let's get together and talk Downton Abbey!

  3. You are AWESOME girlfriend!!! You accomplished so much this year and I am super PROUD of you!!

    1. Hey, sweetie! Haven't we had a fun year? When are you gonna sign up for a 5K with me?


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