Paving the road... Hell with my good intentions!

[Ha. Until I typed that line, I didn't get the double meaning! I meant it to be a continuation of the blog title, but reading it by itself also works!]

What a crazy couple of weeks. I'd like to say I was all good and well no my way to losing those pounds, but no. Not even close. I've eaten more sugar in the last week than I have in the last year and that's not a good thing. If it's any indication of how my self-control will be on the cruise, I'm in trouble.

Last weekend we hosted the teenagers from our church for a retreat weekend. Boys and girls (about a dozen) for two dinners and a lunch, and the girls for breakfast. It was great fun, but when you cook a lot of stuff you don't intend to eat, the temptation just sits there...calls your name at night...

The food was pretty awesome, though. Italian "pizza pasta" Friday night -- layers of sauce, noodles, Canadian bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and more than two pounds of cheese. Everyone seemed to like it - and that didn't really tempt me. The dessert try was another issue -- Milky Way cookies, snickerdoodles, and raspberry shortbread bars -- impossible to stay out of...and there were leftovers. Sigh.

Breakfast and lunch were Paleo-friendly, and then dinner on Saturday was a taco bar. I made my own taco seasoning and it was some good stuff. Dessert? Sopapilla cheesecake. Yeah, say that to yourself. I do believe I must have lost my mind when I decided to make that decadent pan of deliciousness. I obviously have issues. I'm not posting a picture of it, though. I have my limits.

Two days before that, RDub's best friend's mom passed away after a long illness. RDub was already escaping the teens leaving the house and taking the monster dog, so the timing wasn't awful. The situation, of course, was, but I was glad he got to be with his friend. And I didn't have to explain to everyone that Theo really is just a 140-pound baby and not to be scared of the big guy.

The cruise is in a week! SO ready! Well, except for packing. And planning the meals for the kid and grandma. And packing. And getting my notes together for work. But I'm ready!

How do you get ready for a trip? What do you do first? Are you a list maker or just a "throw it all in the bag" type?


  1. HAVE A BLAST on your cruise!! I'm so excited for you...and only a tiny bit jealous!! Teehee! That canadian bacon pasta thing?? OMGosh, I almost licked my computer screen!!!! :)


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