This isn't going as planned.

In most ways, this week has not given the results I wanted. Instead of starting on the 8 pound loss, I've gained two pounds. Guess losing an even 10 works better? Whatever... Granted, this was a hormonal ToM, and I could blame that. Done.

I have done the planned 30-Day Shred (Jillian is Satan) every day, though, and my arms are killing me. I did take myself up to Level 2 pretty quickly because I'm an idiot I've done Level 1 several times before, just never for 30 full days. Level 2 has these things called walk-out pushups (or something like that) where you start from standing, bend and walk on your hands out to pushup position, do a pushup, then walk back and stand up. Who makes up these ridiculous moves?

The weather has been awful and I'm a weather-wuss, so no running yet. It's supposed to stop raining tomorrow, and maybe get above 50 degrees, so perhaps I'll make the dog happy and get outside again. I obviously have to do something different if I'm actually going to lose pounds before the trip. Inches would be nice, but if I come back from the cruise out and the scale shows I'm out of the 160s, I may sink into a deep depression.

Enough about that.

In about a week, I'm playing house-mom to about 15 kids -- 7 girls for overnight, plus 8 boys for meals. Have you ever planned to feed 15 people three full meals, plus two meals for 7 in the same three days? Holy crap, that's a lot of food! I don't know how large families do it all the time. I've figured out the menu and thank God for Pinterest. [Check with me after and see if I still say that.]

Of course, I'm not making these poor kids eat Paleo, so I'm making stuff I don't cook anymore. I started counting the cups of flour and sugar, number of eggs, and sticks of butter needed just for the desserts, and finally had to write it down! There's no way I wouldn't get stuck halfway through a recipe and run out of stuff. I'd like to avoid that, thankyouverymuch. Hilarious: 16 cups of flour, 16 sticks of butter, 8 cups of sugar, a pound and a half of powdered sugar, 3 cups of brown sugar...

Anyway, I've promised myself to take pictures this time, or assign someone else to. I think looking at all the recipes has caused the weight gain - is that possible?

22 days!

What are you looking forward to this month? Any big plans, or just recovering from last month?


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