Awesome Oatmeal.

I have a Pinteresting problem.

I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to see what other people are cooking and eating. Enter Pinterest and you have a recipe (get it? recipe?) for disaster.

I have to be very careful when I go out there now -- all the "friends" I follow seem to have absolutely no problem with eating whatever they want. (I'm looking at you, Dee.) And they happily go around posting all the stuff that immediately makes me drool.

No, I see absolutely no irony in the fact that until this year's resolution to get this weight off kicked in, I was the one accused of posting my own food pictures and creating problems for others. Shut up.

So now, when I do browse pictures, I try to stick with ones I can actually make and feel good about. This is such a recipe. Click here for the source recipe/site.

ohsheglows' Sweet Potato Oatmeal Breakfast Casserole

I've never been much of an oatmeal eater -- something about the texture, I think. As an adult, I've kind of made myself eat it because it's good for me, filling, etc.

And if you've read any of the postings here, you'll know that sweet potatoes have only recently been added to my food repertoire. So why on earth would this recipe appeal to me?

Honestly, it started because we were having overnight guests during the week, and I wanted something different to serve. I wanted something healthy that I could also eat, and that I could make ahead.

I won't lie -- this takes some work. I did all except for the baking the day before, then baked it that morning. Our guests liked it enough to ask for the recipe, so it must have been good!

The original recipe is vegan -- I used regular milk, so mine was not, but I may try almond milk next time to cut down on the calories. Also, ohsheglows must really like oatmeal - she called this four servings - we got at least six out of it. A rough shot at putting the ingredients into the recipe builder puts it at about 4-5 WW points IF you get at least 6 servings. Her site shows about 200 calories a serving.

When you've got some time, give it a try. It makes a great dessert, too!


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