Week 8 Scorecard

Another non-standard week (I'm beginning to believe that is the standard), but an overall decent eating and exercise one. I tracked almost exclusively calories (not WW points) to see how that went.

I also upped my elliptical workouts. I use one of the hills programs, and took the resistance from 2 to 4 for the baseline. It bumped the calorie burn from around 450 to over 600 in the same 45 minutes! My thighs cuss at me regularly, but it's worth it!

I finally did the math. If the elliptical reads the calories right, that means that more than half my food calories are being burned in one workout. I've been staying below 1200 calories a day pretty regularly.

Result: down 1.8 pounds! Whoot! That's the most in one week since the first two weeks.
Total so far: 12.9 pounds

The 5k I'm doing is March 24th - a little over three weeks away. My max distance so far (outside in the real world) is 1.75 miles without a break. This week I'm setting a 2 mile goal (do it twice), then 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 in the following 10 days. Then I'd have a week to get to 3.1 miles before the 5k. I have absolutely no idea if my body will stand for this, but I'm pretty stubborn.


I made some changes to the blog -- I finally figured out the tabs at the top. So now finding recipes is easy.

We've got a big gathering coming up this weekend - Italian food for about 40. Planning parties is still my favorite part, but this time I'm letting others bring the dessert. I'm not sure I could control myself if I had an excuse to bake again!


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