Week 5 scorecard

I have not been looking forward to this weigh in! I said before that because I'm a scale addict, I seeing numbers all over the place all week, then going through a celebrating weekend makes a Monday morning weigh-in a complete guess. Up, down, what will happen!

Result: Stayed the same! Still 8.5 pounds down.

I'll take it. And I did have a few highlights I need to remember to keep from getting discouraged or beating myself up.
  • I did my personal best run on Friday. We have a 3.2 mile route mapped out, and I ran 2.5 miles of it in 32 minutes, and finished the 3.2 miles in about 46 minutes.
  • Saturday morning, before we left for our anniversary getaway, I did 3.5 miles of rolling hills on the elliptical and burned over 500 calories.
The food choices made while we were gone were actually not bad at all. I had chicken fajitas with borracho beans and jalapeno rice - only about 1/2 cup each -- and used corn instead of flour tortillas. I did NOT eat the entire bowl of chips! Total of three glasses of wine over the entire evening.

I did try the new Subway breakfast on Sunday - we slept in, and decided to just head out instead of eating at the hotel. I had the Subway English muffin with egg whites, turkey, cheese, and fresh spinach. Pretty tasty!

I think the week set me up to be okay after a day or so of more indulgence than normal. I want to hit 10 pounds down next week, so I'll have to crank it up this week. What are YOUR plans for the week?


  1. I think that's pretty good after being away for a weekend.

    Plans for this week:

    Get to the gym at least three times (this fully depends on how well my kids are and whether or not Mr. BFG will be in Texas City for more than 24 hours).

    Stay on plan, but add in more fruits and veggies.

    Try to get rid of this anxiety because I'm pretty sure the stress isn't helping.

    Good luck this week!

    1. I hate when my anxiety gets like that -- happens about every 4-5 months for about 4 days. If you haven't started roasting veggies, you HAVE to. I do fresh, frozen, whatever I have. Salt and pepper, olive oil, and just roast 'em at 400 for about 30 minutes. Better than any other way I make them. Hugs!


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