Week 7 scorecard. And other stuff.

I started this post earlier, but now I'll just wrap it into my Monday scorecard.

I did it. I took my before pictures. It's 6 weeks in, but I just couldn't make myself do it before. I don't like having my picture taken when I'm trying to hide my size - so taking them on purpose to show my size just goes against everything I believe. So after my run Sunday, I got the hubs to take pics.

No, I'm not posting them. Yet.

Sorry, I know you were waiting with bated breath.

But I took them, and now, when I have "after" pictures -- ones that actually show a difference, that encourage me to keep going when I hit that wall -- I'm sure I'll be fine with posting them. Right? Right.

Speaking of wall, I am coming up on my usual plateau - the one that I've hit more times than I can count. I'm hoping to just sneak up and pass it before it even knows I'm here.


This week was a little different. I didn't do any postings after the weekly scorecard -- just didn't have anything to say. No sense boring anyone else!

I also did a really crappy job of formally tracking my food. I found myself looking up specific things - pork chop, oatmeal - but didn't really fill out my food journal every day like I have been. Add to that outings on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon, and it was all just shaping up to be a disaster of a weigh-in today.

This was dinner on Saturday:
Pepper-crusted beef tenderloin in a bourbon sauce, chipotle mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables

But, because I knew all this stuff was coming up, I did manage to get all 5 workouts done this week! One Zumba (ouch), three ellipticals -- 45 minutes, 4.3 miles, 600+ calories each -- and a 2 mile run outside (managed to get 1.2 running, walked the rest before breathing the cold became too painful).

The result? Down one pound! Total lost 11.1 pounds.

I don't think I'm at all ready to be casual about tracking food, but I'm very encouraged that ramping up the exercise seemed to cover potential calorie overages.

So another week down on my quest to lose 60+. I've set a target end date of December 15 -- that may be too aggressive, but we'll see how it goes.


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