Menu Planning. With a purpose.

I really am not good at meal planning. I thought I was, but I've spent about 4 days thinking before going shopping and looking through recipes and trying to figure out what I could buy that I'd cook before I had to freeze it, blah blah blah...

Anyway, it took me FORever to get to an actual menu. This should not be that hard, but I have a new respect for all those bloggers who put together menus and shopping lists for their readers.

This is not that blog.

I said a couple of days ago that I'm getting ready for a "Whole30" experience. That's what is all about -- for the next 30 days I'll be strictly meat, veggies, and fruit (Paleo). I know my success will be based on a lot of planning, and very little wiggle room in what I have around the house to eat. I'm technically not starting until Monday, but today was shopping day, so cooking started today.

In planning what to cook when, I was trying to consider the fresh meat and veggies I just bought -- I really hate freezing meat for two days just because I'm not sure I can use it before it's past prime! When that meat is grass-fed beef, I want to use it as best I can so the menu plan becomes really important. I think I did an okay job, as long as I don't start adlibbing as the week continues.

Saturday (today) -- grilled chicken, for dinner and as a cook-up; will use in chicken salad for lunches, and in chicken Pad Thai later this week.

Sunday - Ginger-lime shrimp and scallops on the grill, with almond green beans and mashed cauliflower

Monday - grilled pork loin, for dinner and for stir fry later, with zucchini noodles

Tuesday - chicken Pad Thai

Wednesday - Frittata with ground beef

Thursday - Pork fried rice (cauliflower rice) using the pork loin

Friday - Salmon L'Afrique with butternut squash and roasted carrots

Saturday - meatza!

I've GOT to make sauteed kale soon -- I just haven't figured it into the schedule yet. I'm not letting another batch go bad before I cook it!

Lunches will be chicken salad, possibly tuna salad, and chicken soup I'm making midweek. I've got several sauces to make on Sunday to get ready for the week.

I love when my fridge looks like this!

Now I just have to stick to it and start the Whole30 off right.


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