Week 31 Scorecard

It continues to amaze me how quickly a human can fall out of a habit. When I'm that human, I should enter myself in an Olympic procrastination event. I was doing great with my regular postings on Monday and Tuesday, but then I look at the last few weeks...yeah, yeah, I was out of the country, but I've been back almost two weeks, so no excuses anymore!

Anyway, enough whining [maybe]. The update is boring -- I maintained. Given that I'd come back and started eating real food again, perhaps that's not a bad thing. I also haven't been able to get off the couch because the Olympics are on work out because of my knee, so maybe maintaining isn't awful. It's boring, but it's way better than gaining.


On to something more interesting...for me anyway.

Before the trip to Haiti, I'd put some thought into what on earth I'd eat while there. We would have some control over breakfast, lunch would be at the jobsite with no refrigeration, and dinner would be provided to us. In other words, I'm not in charge. I hate when that happens.

Here's what I actually ate (edited due to memory loss) for the week:
Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, a piece or two of beef jerky, and fruit - dried apricots, applesauce, or dates, coffee, and water
One of the guys was an early riser and cooked breakfast every day. On Day 2, he was making pancakes and I told him I'd eat something else. When he found out I don't eat flour, he immediately offered to make me scrambled eggs every morning! Sorry, ladies, he is married, but I got eggs made to order.

Lunch: PrimalPacs bought online - beef jerky, almonds, dried cranberries, mango. These were vacuum packed in serving sizes of about 250 calories. I supplemented with almonds/cashews, applesauce, dried fruit. We ate at the jobsite, and it was pretty warm. I wasn't ever really hungry afterward, but by day 4 I was really sick of jerky.

Dinner: Every dinner had salad (yay) and most had fresh avocado (serious yay!). One night was barbecue chicken legs (very good, and mostly Paleo), and one night was homemade pizza (awesome, and not even close to Paleo - I only ate two pieces.) The last two nights were the most challenging - chicken spaghetti and a Mexican casserole with tortillas, rice and beans baked in. There was just no way to counter the non-Paleo side, so I just settled for only having one serving, and eating as much salad as there was available. No bread -- and, people, THAT was a sacrifice. Haiti is a French country -- FRENCH BREAD. I let Bug have my serving at every meal so I wouldn't even have the option. No dessert -- I really wasn't all that tempted.

I just read over what I wrote and I really hope it doesn't come across as either 1) I was focused on losing weight while on this trip, or 2) I live in a state of deprivation. Neither one is true. My concern was about my digestive system and feeling as good as I could while away from home. After not having wheat, beans, or sugar in any appreciable quantities for almost four months, suddenly having an overload of that really sounded like a bad idea. Sure, I didn't want to go through the cleansing process when I got back, but I really didn't want to have problems while I was there. More than anything, it was great to know that I didn't particularly want anything I haven't been eating! But, I won't be eating any jerky for a while.

We've got a long weekend at the beach coming up, and for once I'm ready to be in a bathing suit! In public! Of course, it will be with great friends who don't care what I look like, but still! Oh, and Paleo may fly out the window that weekend! We'll see.

I have to stop. It's late and apparently I can't control the exclamation marks anymore.

I promise to get back in the regular posting habit!

One last pic of us in Haiti -- this was standing in the truck that we rode on to the jobsite every day.


  1. I understand maintaining...blah and boring. But you are right anything beats gaining! Have a BLAST at the beach!! :)


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