Week 32 Scorecard. Finally.

It was beginning to feel like I'd NEVER get here. This week, I finally passed 30 pounds lost!

That's about three weeks later than I wanted, but honestly, I can't feel bad about it at all. I've had very few "cheats" [I don't like that term - another post topic] and, until I hurt myself, was consistently working out.

Now I've got to get back to it. But not right away -- because we're headed to the beach for a long weekend! And the food and beverages will be nothing like what we had in Haiti. This is vacation, baby!

The group: R-Dub and me, Bug and her bestie, my sister and her hubs, my friend and her hubs, and R-Dub's best friend and his wife and their daughter -- 8 adults, 3 teen girls, one townhome with 4 bedrooms+loft+3 bathrooms, and the beach.

I'm not sure I can explain how my summer isn't complete until I sit in the sand and watch the waves. I would love to live on a beach, but that's not in the cards right now. I settle for a few days a year and rejuvenate my soul. This year with this group will be different - hysterical, I'm betting. I'll try to take pictures [and then fuzz out faces].

This was last year, but I expect a repeat.
Have a great weekend and I'll check in next week!


  1. Fill me in on where you go...we are planning our first family beach trip next June. Can't wait to hear your details!! :) Have a blast! Oh and CONGRATS on the loss!


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