Whole30(r) -- The beginning

I've mentioned the Whole30 Program I'm starting today. The creators of the program explain it way better than I ever could over on their site. I got Dallas and Melissa's book, It Starts With Food, and devoured it in two days. (See what I did there? Ha.) They give the science behind their philosophy, which is very much Paleo, with a little bit of other stuff thrown in. The Whole30 Program is basically a "reset" of your system -- designed to heal, "restore metabolism, and end unhealthy cravings, habits and relationships with food." Reading their research and experiences further convinced me that Paleo is right for us, and now I know a bit more about why.

Here are the rules, and they are non-negotiable for these 30 days:
YES: Eat foods that make you more healthy (what the first half of the book was about) - meat, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats.

NO: Do not consume any added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, or dairy.

NO: Do not attempt to recreate junk foods or desserts by using "approved" ingredients.

NO: Do not step on the scale for the entirety of the program.

Guess which one of these I'm dreading the most? Not that one. The LAST one -- no scale? What? Why??

I am doing a quick before picture today (I forgot yesterday). But I was so glad they explained that last rule. This is from the ISWF book:
  The Whole30 isn't just another weight-loss diet. The program is designed to jump-start optimal health for the rest of your life....get off the scale altogether for the first thirty days because scale weight tells you almost nothing about your overall health -- and is one of the fastest ways to lose motivation....

They go on to say that most people do lose during the thirty -- so for me, I'm reminding myself that at my current rate, over four weeks, at most I'd lose 4 pounds. I'm not changing that much over what I've been doing for 4 months, but I've never done a true Paleo start. The big item for me:
  • No coffee, because I won't drink it black, and no Splenda or creamer is allowed.
I'll wait a moment while those of you who know me process that.

Yep, as of yesterday, my morning coffee is gone. I don't drink soda, so that is really the only artificial sweetener I ever have, and I don't like what I'm hearing about the effects. Whether true or not, any one food/drink that has that much control over me can't be a good thing.

For anyone who is reading this thinking I'm crazy, that's okay. I probably am in some areas. I'm not going to debate the merits of grains/legumes/veganism/whatever with anyone over this. Neither of us will enjoy it and neither of us will change our minds. What I've figured out in the last 4 months, and expect to confirm without a doubt over the next 30 days, is that I'm not eliminating foods from my diet on a whim. There's a reason, and I want to see how I feel at the end of this. Sleeping through the night, clearer skin, no digestive issues -- all those are legitimate expectations I have. I don't want to have another birthday where I regret wasting another year being overweight, counting calories, or living any way I just don't want to live.

And it's not like I'm suffering:

Ginger-Lime Grilled Shrimp and Scallops, mashed cauliflower "potatoes," and avocado.
So no weigh-ins on Tuesday for a few weeks. I've updated my numbers to reflect as of this morning, and I'll get some pictures ready for a reveal. Instead, I'm going to have food pics and notes on how I'm feeling as I do this. It could be a smorgasboard of moodiness!

Tonight, it's grilled pork loin with zucchini noodles and almond green beans. Come back to hear how it's going. How do you feel when you start something new?


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