I mentioned earlier this week that I've been contemplating a pretty major change in this journey. I've been researching for a couple of weeks, and recently a friend shared her results after doing this for a month (shoutout, Gini!).

After making all sorts of excuses, next week I'm going to try the Paleo diet. For 30 days. The hubs and me. I'm scared.

Here's a link to the site I'm primarily using - . Steve is pretty realistic about the pros and cons, and he's not so hard core that it feels impossible from the start.

For those who may not want to read a 4000 word essay, here are the highlights, with my commentary:
  • Paleo is based on the theory being that if we eat like man did back in the dinosaur ages, we'll be healthy, not overweight, and without the health issues that plague us now (without the worry that dinosaurs will eat us). Basically, get back to hunter/gatherer mode -- NOT grains and starches.
    • This is frightening to this carb addict. No bread, no crackers, no cereal. NO PASTA. {shiver}
  • Back then, once a baby was weaned, milk was no longer in the diet. So, skip the diary.
    • THIS was the real reason I've not been willing to commit to doing this. I can use almond milk for smoothies, but the "no cheese" thing is honestly going to be the hardest thing. I love cheese. Seriously love it. Eat it pretty much every day.
  • You can have as much as you want of vegetables and protein, with fruit and nuts in moderation. Because our bodies know what to do with these foods, it's difficult to overeat.
    • This isn't an open invitation to eat 4000 calories a day - but I do see it as retraining my taste buds and habits to reach for better snacks and to make sure the vegetables take up half my plate.
  • Cut the sugar. Duh. That's pretty much every healthy eating plan.
  • For best results, ramp up the exercise, especially weight training, which I need to do anyway.
If you read that list, it looks like there's very little to recommend this plan for carb/cheese addicts like me. What am I thinking?

The tipping point was yesterday. R-Dub (new name for my wonderful husband - like it?) is diabetic - not insulin-dependent, and not on meds right now. For years he's managed with diet, but lately has gotten away from watching his sugar intake. He checked his sugar yesterday, and it was too high to be comfortable. I'm primarily the food planner - he cooks sometimes, but I make the shopping list -- so if it will help him get that sugar level down, it's just another reason to do this.

The reason I like the Nerd Fitness take on this (he links to the hardcore Paleo sites, btw) is this statement: "If you can even make a few small changes here and there (cut out liquid calories, switch out your rice for steamed vegetables, cut back on bread, etc.) you’ll start to see some changes. 20% healthier is better than 0% healthier." He also talks about doing 80% - be diligent during the week, but if your weekend means wheat or some cheese, you'll still see results.

As I write that, I don't want it to sound like (to you or to myself) I'm looking for loopholes - I fully intend to do this to the best of my ability for the next 30 days. I just know my brain - if I start feeling completely deprived, I'll never succeed.

This weekend we're out of town for a wedding. I plan to use the time in the car to plan next week's meals, make the shopping list, and detail my workouts. I'll have to get to the store when we get back on Sunday to be able to start this on Monday. I'm trying really hard not to see this weekend as an "eat it now!" moment -- I still have a weigh in on Tuesday!

So, that's the plan as it stands. I am going to take my measurements again and see what happens in a month. I'm going to focus on the new recipes I'll be trying, instead of the cheese I won't be eating. I can do anything for a month, right?


  1. Hey, Traci, I think you're going to notice that cutting out dairy and sugar are going to make a HUGE difference. I recently have made an effort to cut out refined sugar (including white flour, white rice, etc.) I still pretty much cheat every day, but I've lost 5 lbs without even doing any exercise.

    BTW, if you get a hankering for ice cream, check out a book called Vice Cream. The recipes are pretty good really. They're also sugar-free, and since he uses cashews for the base for many of the recipes, they're even creamy.

    Actually, cashew milk is a great dairy substitute in creamy sauces.

    Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie! I did read further on Paleo and they consider rice a "neutral" food -- so if I'm just losing my sanity for something that feels decadent, I can have some. Brown, of course.

  2. Uh-MY-goodness!! You go girl!! I couldn't...okay, don't wanna! But I know you can commit and follow through!! Have a great weekend, and keep me informed in your new adventure! :))

  3. You inspire me Traci! I know you can do it! I am gonna start to cut out a few things in my diet by reading this! Good Luck!


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