Goals and rewards.

I realized the other day that I had never documented my goals beyond "lose 63 pounds or more" and a few mental baby steps. I decided I needed to formally list what I want to accomplish, as this is a proven success strategy - right? We've all heard that goals have to be specific and measurable, etc... So here goes.

Goal: Run an entire 5K
Reward: Satisfaction! And a pedicure.
***DONE*** Race for Wishes 3/24/2012

May 1 goal: Lose 20 pounds
Reward: New novel that's coming out, maybe two

July 15 goal: Lose 30 pounds
Reward: Health on Haiti mission trip -- less pain, more stamina on the trip

September 15 goal: Lose 40 pounds
Reward: New jeans (if I haven't had to buy some before!)

October 29 goal (my birthday): Lose 50 pounds!
Reward: Dinner! We'll do that anyway, most likely, so making it my reward is easy!
Ultimate goal: Achieve my goal weight = lose 63 pounds FOREVER [I think that violates a rule of goal-setting, but whatever.]
Time: By December 20, 2013
Reward #1: Not hating the way I look in family Christmas pictures
Reward #2: Our 25th wedding anniversary in February! And a significant trip, location to be determined.

Non-date-specific goals:
  • Improve my time on three mile runs
  • Increase my distance on runs to five miles
  • Run two more 5Ks
  • Build strength in my upper body
  • Find an ab muscle, maybe more than one :-)
  • Participate in an entire spin class without dying
I think my rewards need work, because I'm also working to be debt-free! I think my ultimate reward is just feeling better and being proud of myself, but I'll take a pedicure and new clothes, too.

Have you set any specific goals? How creative are your rewards?


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