The Great Closet Clean Out

It was time. Actually, it was probably about three months overdue. A few before pictures:
I had put in the wire stacking shelves last year when I decided I wanted to fold/stack my tshirts and sweaters. I found that over time, I got sloppy about folding and stacking neatly. This picture was after I'd started dragging stuff out.

So all those shirts had to be pulled out, evaluated for condition, and refolded. Notice that I require supervision: Daughter and Dog are standing guard so I don't leave before I'm done.

THIS was just the start of the donation pile. My rules: Anything I hadn't worn in a year, anything that didn't fit RIGHT NOW, anything stained to the point where I wouldn't wear it (mostly tshirts).

Nothing was allowed back in that needed ironing. I think this is the first time I've ironed in about 6 months. It's just not my thing.

Two days later...yes, seriously.

I kept a few of the shelves. I really like the baskets for underthings, and the other two shelves are just workout clothes. Tank tops and work tshirts are still folded, but now I'll hang tshirts that I might actually wear out of the house. They were just getting too wrinkled the other way. And I don't iron (see above).  
I'm proud of the top shelf. I don't think I've cleaned it off since we moved into the house! The bins have winter gloves, scarves, hats in the white one, and the clear one is bathing suits. There's another box that has sweaters.

I need to add labels to the boxes, but at least the shoes are arranged by color. Flip flops and sandals are on a rack on the other side. No, we will not have a discussion about how many shoes I have.

The shelf on the opposite side has hats and purses - still figuring out how to not make the purses look messy. I moved the wire shelves over to hold hubby's stuff as well as general bathroom stuff. Why does any house built this century NOT have a dedicated closet/storage for stuff like this? You'd think architects had never heard of buying in bulk.

It took a while, but it was definitely worth it. I don't have to dig through stuff to find what I want, and I know that whatever I pull out will fit and be in good consition. The kid was inspired to make changes to HER closet, and she added to the donation pile, too. Now if we can just get hubby on board...

What needs to be organized at your house? What's your favorite organizing tool/strategy - baskets, boxes, shelves, labels...?


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