Paleo Prep

Back in town from the weekend trip, we spent the day eating getting groceries and planning for the coming week's change in food. I love Central Market and have absolutely no self-control there -- and today I had to wander through the bakery...without buying anything. I considered it character-building.

We'd already gone to Sam's for produce - they seriously have the best berries, but I cannot buy 48 pounds of oranges. That's why Central Market was on the list, so I could buy a reasonable THREE oranges and FOUR grapefruit instead of 22. Each.

Have you started doing this yet? Because it really works.

Anyhoo. Today was the fridge cleanout, because once I shoved all the stuff in, you couldn't even see if the light was on. Not good. I got rid of my half-jar of pumpkin butter -- smeared on a ginger snap, it's like a little pumpkin pie bite -- because in a month it won't be good anyway. Sniff.

Dinner was the last ounce of goat cheese on Triscuits. *sob*  No way was I throwing that out.

Okay, all done with the pitiful. In addition to the shopping prep, I was also doing the mental prep necessary to not spend the next 30 days feeling nothing but deprived. Focusing on the stuff I like, not the stuff that scares me. I love fruit, and I'm learning to like more vegetables. I love to cook, especially when I know it's something new. After 13 weeks (and 134 years) of doing the "normal" calorie/fat cutting or point-counting, this will at least shock my system -- maybe for the better, maybe not. I'm okay either way.

So here comes the challenge! Meals are planned for the next week, and allowed snacks are overflowing my refrigerator. R-Dub is on board, and has his stuff for the office.

Let's get this Paleo party started!


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