Paleo Food

Just a sampling of what I've had to eat this week:

Slow Cooker Pork Loin, with roasted vegetables

Grilled steak with mashed cauliflower (tastes like mashed potatoes!)

Steak salad -- leftover steak on top of a salad

Spaghetti! [Spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce]

The spaghetti was the coolest thing! I love my pasta, and going Paleo means no more for me. I've seen spaghetti squash in the store, but it just looked like an overgrown regular squash.

Then I found out what happens when you bake it:

And with the sauce:

Here's the link to the directions for making the squash. I made my usual from-scratch pasta sauce, and added the meat without guilt! I just might be able to survive without pasta after all!


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