Week 13 Scorecard. And springtime in Texas.

Well, today has been crazy. Texas in the spring is always interesting, but today was a bit more interesting than I find comfortable. Stole this from the local TV station images:
NOT my photo - credit to WFAA TV
Thankfully this was not our neighborhood, but it wasn't very far away. Semi-trailers being tossed like Matchbox cars, entire roofs being torn off houses. One tornado stayed on the ground for 20-30 minutes - that's just not how it usually works. We're safe and sound -- all the major stuff went around us this time.

It's so nerve-wracking to be home alone, knowing that my child is at school (probably the safest place for her, but still), trying to work while watching the weather. And knowing she was going to be driving home in a little while? Makes a momma crazy. At least the hubs didn't take the motorcycle today.

In multiple tornadoes, in several cities, for a couple of hours, millions of dollars in damage was done. And no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. There's a miracle for today.

On to the scorecard....

I have a problem with my scale. I get on it too often. I don't have the self-control to only weigh once a week. Sometimes that's good, because if I'm stuck, I'll be diligent about my food and exercise. Unfortunately, if i've got a decent mid-week loss, I'll find some way to sabotage it. Sunday morning I saw a number on the scale I hadn't seen in a while at least a pound and a half lower...so of course I had to eat Mexican food on Sunday! But honestly I enjoyed it so much, it was worth it!

Result: down two-tenths of a pound today. Total of 15.3 pounds lost. And I had half a cheese enchilada for the first time this year! It was a good week.


  1. Hey, Traci, how did everything turn out with your daughter? Everything ok? I think about you often. Hope all is well.

    Oh -- and congrats on the progress you've been making. Well done, you!!!

    1. Hey, Julie! Here's how sad I am and how my memory is affected by old age -- what about my daughter? Do you mean the storms? Everything was fine here. Did I post something else about her? Seriously pitiful if I did and can't remember. She's fine, though. :-)
      And thank you! I miss your posts -- send those kids to grandma so you can have time to write just for me!


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