The eternal shopping weekend

I'm finally feeling better and can expend some energy on menus and food. Starting at 8am Saturday:
  • Farmers Market #1
  • Farmers Market #2
  • Sam's
  • WalMart
  • Kroger
And yes, I've already thought of something I forgot. Sigh.

And this is the current state of my refrigerator:

Does everyone's fridge look like this after grocery shopping? This doesn't count the cabbage, cauliflower, pineapple, jicama and limes that are still on the counter. I've got to get all the veggies cut up, and maybe that will keep me from feeling so stressed! If I do that at lunch today, maybe I can post an after picture.

The top shelf has Paleo "cookup" labeled. I have a new cookbook that gives details on what to pre-cook once a week to keep from those panic nights of "I don't want to take an hour to cook!" Those two containers have my first Sunday cookup meats -- ground beef and grilled chicken to be used as needed through the week for lunches or a quick stir fry. I also have mini-meatloaves in the freezer for later this week. I will pre-cook veggies as well as have a bunch sliced for salads by tonight. If you like the idea, check out Melissa's blog for details on what and how she does it. I'm just learning this part, so I'm not good on quantities yet. But I really like the idea, and will give it a shot.

You can't see it very well, but on the Paleo shelf on top of the strawberries is a batch of kale. I'm determined to try making kale chips. Seems like everywhere I look people are singing the praises of kale and I'm just late to the party. I'll try to take pictures and let you know what I think.

I just realized I had never posted pictures of one of my favorite food prep ideas (thanks, Pinterest!). I'd buy lettuce and invariably throw out at least half - making salads was a pain, even knowing they're good for me. Then I found this idea and it seriously works! You must have a food sealer with the Mason jar sealer attachment - I found the attachment on Amazon for about $8.

Wash the lettuce leaves and dry them as much as you can. I use my salad spinner then pat with paper towels. If there's water, it reduces the freshness of the lettuce.

Chop the lettuce - I lay all the leaves together and just dice 'em up. This is the next chance to pat them dry.

Start stuffing the chopped lettuce into mason jars. These are the 32-oz, wide-mouth jars - they're just easiest to work with. Any size will do, though.

Stuff the jar as full as you can.
Using the vacuum seal jar attachment, seal the jar and put the ring on.

These beauties are ready for the fridge. I reserve space at the back of a shelf - these jars are large enough to be seen. Each jar has enough lettuce for about two large salads (like for a meal) or three dinner salads.

I buy the multipacks of Romaine and cut them myself. I suppose you could do this with the bagged salad, too -- but if I'm going to do this, I'd rather save a couple bucks.

I do not reseal after opening -- that's my cue to eat more greens. Once opened, you've got 2-3 days to use the lettuce. Oh, and this does not work with spinach. Too much water content!

I've had lettuce stay fresh as long as a month when I do this! And I just found a link to the site where I got the idea, so I can give credit and avoid guilt.

I'll take a picture tomorrow of the after -- once I get the lettuce done!


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