Workout Recap

Why do Mondays come around so regularly? I much prefer Saturdays, which seem to not come around often enough.

Anyway, to the workout recap for this week:

Last Monday I recorded my run, and the intent I had to do water aerobics that night. Instead, I got to unexpectedly buy a new washer and dryer because mine decided to blow up Monday afternoon. NOT a fun way to spend money earmarked for other stuff! So, I didn't get the two-a-day I intended.

Tuesday -- water aerobics. 50 minutes, reps of 50 or 100 for each movement, plus 5 minutes treading water/running in place for cardio. Arms sore next day!

Wednesday - 2.1 mile run in 25 minutes. I didn't drop off quite as much as I do on the 2nd mile. It was already HOT at 7:30 in the morning.

Thursday - off day. And in case that wasn't enough, I had pizza. Yes, it was incredibly good.

Friday - 1.9 mile run (not sure why I didn't get 2 miles on the Garmin). Started about an hour later and the heat slowed me down.

Saturday - yard work. Ran the weed eater for the first time in a year, and now I can't lift my arms. Pulled weeds, then played in the pool for an hour or so, and did some stretches to try to get feeling back in my arms.

Sunday - off day.

Monday - dentist appointment today, so no run this morning.

I did add the RunningAhead app to the sidebar - It imports from my Garmin, so I think I need to learn the whole interval thing. I walk to warm up, so I don't usually start the Garmin until after the first tenth of a mile. That's probably not the best way to track true distance. Maybe I'll get that figured out this week. It's funny that the tracker has all runs since the first of the year -- but I didn't wear the Garmin very often! The total mileage is really low, but I don't know how to reset it! More stuff to figure out, I guess.

Okay, posting this and hoping the weigh in Tuesday shows a difference - PMS and all!


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