Week 25 Scorecard

Well, it's another weigh in. Another Tuesday. Another day closer to the mission trip and my 30-pound weight loss goal. And I had pizza last week. Really, really good meat lover's pizza. Thin crust - points for that.

I'd like to be annoyed that I seem to have slowed to less than a pound a week, but I really can't be. I have to figure that for every half-pound lost, it's really like a pound: the half I lost, and the half I didn't gain. So it's like I've really lost 52 pounds already!

See? Told ya I do math.

Seriously, I'm down about a half-pound (.4) this week and I'm okay with that. It's that lovely time of month on top of finally getting to work out again, so I'll take the celebration and move on. And it's already freaking hot in Texas.

My total so far is 26.5 pounds. Three and a half to go in three weeks for the next goal. Next week I won't be in such a good mood if it's less than a pound again! Let's do this.


Last Monday, I'm minding my own business working in my office, when the washing machine starts making this horrendous noise. I run in there, expecting to see water shooting everywhere or something. Luckily that was not the case, but the noise was bad. I waiting for R-Dub to get home, hoping his aura would fix whatever it was. [It works with computers...]

Sadly, the washer had gone to the big junkyard in the sky, at least emotionally. So off we go to buy appliances I didn't want with money I didn't have. AND, because our broken washer had been part of a stackable set, we couldn't just get a replacement for that. Had to get both a washer and dryer.

On the up side, the floor of the laundry room got a thorough scrubbing by my wonderful Bug, and I didn't have to do laundry for two days while we waited for delivery.

It's a nice set, and it's kinda handy not to have to lift wet clothes up to the dryer in a stacking set. It hasn't made me love doing laundry.

But wait there's more! The set was delivered on Thursday around 4pm. About 30 minutes later, R-Dub left for the Depot to get a new hose and a longer power cord. He sends me a photo of the SALE SIGN on MY washer/dryer set!!! EACH PIECE was $200 less than we'd paid!

This would be a completely different story if we'd not seen the sign and gotten our money refunded. Seriously, how awful would it be to have lost $400 just because we used an existing hose? I think it should be a law that they just automatically refund stuff like that -- what customer is going to say, "No, just keep my money"? I get all revved just thinking about it.

Anyway, now that it cost less, I like the whole set a little more.


  1. You're so close to your goal! I'm so proud of you!!! Of course, I knew you could do it -- 'cause you're just that kick-butt kind of woman!

  2. Aw!! Thanks for your super DUPER sweet comment!! I couldn't wait to hear what you thought!!

    Glad you saw that "deal" on your Washer/dryer set and were able to take advantage of it!! :) As far as weight loss goes...it may be coming off slow, but you look incredible!


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