Week 22 Scorecard

To keep from dragging this out -- not a good week. Not AWFUL, but not good.

No loss (that's bad) but no gain (that's good). I'm so very frustrated that I haven't been able to work out at all for over two weeks now. That scares me more than anything -- since the beginning of the year, I've not gone more than 4 days in a row, usually over a weekend, without a decent workout. Now it's been 15 days and I still don't know when I'll be pain free and able to do something. Walking isn't even an option. I've done a little bit of water aerobics, but not enough to count. Grrrr.

My fear is that I'll find it harder to get back in the routine more than it is about whether I can still run as far/long as before this break. I worked so hard to make sure the habit was there, that now I've broken that habit for far longer than is good for me.

This was not how I wanted to start the summer. This is the time I could ramp it up, since my schedule frees up some with school out. Grrrr x 2.

Okay, I'm shutting my whiny self up about that. Doctor appointment tomorrow, and maybe I'll be all fixed after that.

Breathe in, breathe out. I'm not going to fail.


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