Week 23 Scorecard

After almost three weeks of being sick and unable to work out, having no motivation to cook, and just general yuckiness, I'm finally on the mend. An extremely annoying doctor visit reminded me why I don't go to doctors, but at least I got some medicine that helps.

I got to work out yesterday for the first time! I could only do 30 minutes on the elliptical but it was a good 430 calories that I needed to burn. If you saw yesterday's post, you know grocery shopping played a big part of my weekend, and this week I'm making lots of new Paleo food and trying new things.

And the result? Down two pounds! Sweet! Especially after being stuck for a while. That puts my total at 25.5 pounds total loss. I've got five weeks to lose 4.5 more to hit my 30-pound goal.


I was surprised at how scared I was about not working out for three weeks. After not missing many workouts all year, I was convinced this was going to derail me -- it would be like starting over to build the habit. Maybe I thought about it enough that I kept my enthusiasm up even when I couldn't get off the couch! One workout isn't proof that I've not lost it, but with summer I'm starting a new routine.
  • Water aerobics - a friend is joining me at least once a week to workout in the pool. My plan is to get my cardio in earlier in the day when it's not 110 degrees, then use the pool for strength and ab work. If you've never used a noodle to work out, you're missing something. I had the best looking arms I've ever had doing water aerobics twice a week.
  • Work schedule - I'm blessed to work from home, and since no kids have to be hustled out of the house, I can adjust my work hours a bit to allow for morning workouts/leaving early if needed.
  • Running -- Once I'm confident I can leave the house, I'm going to finally work on improving my speed. I don't have any real desire to run long distances, but I am interested in improving my 2nd - 3rd mile speed. Currently I drop off ridiculously after the first mile. I'd like to be around 11-11:30minutes on each mile I run. Turtle pace, but it works for me!

And finally, here's the after picture of the refrigerator shown yesterday:

Now if I could just get the rest of the veggies off the counter!


  1. Good job! I'm really totally jealous of your organized fridge. Mine is peppered with chicken nuggets, juice boxes, a bottle of wine (which tastes awful, so I should probably just toss it) and plenty of stuff I really can't eat. Lots of eggs though, ha!

    I don't know if you can get it up there, but Ninfa's salsa is totally Paleo friendly and super delicious. And, it's not expensive. :)

    1. I haven't seen Ninfa's salsa in stores, but I'll look. The Joe Ts you see here isn't bad. I looked long and hard for one without sugar! I like making my own but I have paranoia about how long homemade condiments will stay good!

      [BTW, I just stick all the "bad" stuff in drawers. There's cheese in there somewhere...]

      Oh, and life is too short to drink bad wine.


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