Week 24 Scorecard

Roughly six months down, and somewhere around six months to get to my goal. I looked back at my summary page and realized there was only one week where I've tracked a gain - hooray! A few had no loss at all, but I think that's okay. Given that I can show a 3 pound shift up/down in three days, I think the Tuesday weigh ins are, on average, showing reality.

So for today's weigh in, I was down about 1/2 pound (.6) -- I really think my scale only has even numbers on it anymore. Total to date is 26.1 pounds

I did get my work outs done this week - I still took it easy and just stayed on the elliptical for the week just to see how I felt. The first day was a little uncomfortable, but the others weren't bad. I'm calling myself back to normal now (or as normal as I get).


Yesterday I posted a working tracking set of goals for the next month before our mission trip. I got to run for the first time in a month, and today I can't move. It's pitiful, really. Water aerobics tonight to try to work out the stiffness. Or maybe a shot of Cabo. Or both.


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