Food review: Kellogg's Fiber Plus

I love me some cereal. Always have. Whether it's the traditional way in milk, or by the handful, or mixed with yogurt, I love it. And I tend to stick with a particular kind/flavor until I find something I like as much or better. Here's my current something better.

This was mentioned in "Eat This, Not That" and it looked interesting. I was almost out of my current fave, Special K vanilla almond, so I grabbed a box. Oh my. There are little yogurt covered granola thingies, and berries, and the flakes are crunchy. I don't usually like the dried-ish fruit in cereals, but this smells and tastes great. Here's the best part:
You get an entire CUP for the nutrition values shown here. In WW world, it's 4 points for the entire cup. With a cup of 1% milk, that's 7 points. When I use yogurt (2-3 points), I only use 1/2 cup of cereal, so 4-5 points. For calories, it's very filling. It gets a good rating from the "ET,NT" people in part because of the the fiber hit.

If you're a cereal person, give it a try. Hubs and I very seldom agree on cereal, and he even likes this one!


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