Week 2 Scorecard

Wow, this was one of those non-standard weeks that makes it easy to remember how hard a routine can be. We had stuff going on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and then decided to redo the flooring in my office on Sunday. Nothing like that to throw off a workout or eating plan. Anyway...

Goal: Track all food - done 7 days. Stayed in points. Made a couple of new recipes.

Goal: Work out -- Monday 50 minutes, Wednesday 30 minutes, Friday 30 minutes, Saturday 60 minutes, Sunday was flooring day so lots of movement but not formal

Goal: Plan menu -- totally blew this one this week. I didn't eat out, but there was a lot of last-minute scrambling, especially for dinner. This is when not being home in the evenings makes me crazy.

Goal: Blog daily - not even close. Four entries total, one was pretty long. Interesting to see how that keeps up. I have lots of ideas for upcoming stuff, though!

Result: minus 2.5 pounds! [total so far = 5.5 lbs]


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