I didn't like sweet potatoes until maybe last year. Something about putting brown sugar on a vegetable just didn't work for me. I'd make them for Thanksgiving but wouldn't eat them. Now I've found something I love.

Tuesday we were going to have pasta for dinner, but hubs was in the mood to smoke something. He'd bought chicken breasts with skin on (unusual for us) because they retain the moisture. I went for my walk and he started cooking. I was about a mile into my walk when I started thinking about what to have with the chicken. Salad, of course...hey, I think we have a couple of sweet potatoes. Oh boy, I'll make those. I got home and discovered great minds think alike, or at least they do when they've been married almost 24 years. He'd already peeled and cut up the potatoes. Love when that happens.

Anyway, here's what you do. Line a baking sheet with foil and drizzle a little olive oil on it. Cut your potatoes into relatively even-sized chunks and toss them on the pan. Cut up an onion - not a small dice, maybe inch-size pieces or so -- and toss it with the potatoes. [I also saw an idea of putting carrots in with this, but I haven't done that.] Mix them around on the pan until they've all touched the olive oil - I'm trying to keep the amount down, so it was maybe a couple tablespoons of oil for the three small potatoes we had. Sprinkle with kosher salt and a little pepper. Bake in a 425degree oven for about 20 minutes, toss them again, and give it about 5 more minutes.

I've also sprinkled them with fresh rosemary or thyme (but I was in a hurry) which adds an extra kick. They're still naturally sweet, but the salt and onion gives it a kick that suits me for a side dish. It went great with the smoked chicken. Give it a try!

Tuesday Scorecard: stayed in points/calories - check; workout 45 minutes - check (walked 2.45 miles outside with dog pulling me); tracked all food - check; drank 2 quarts of water - check.


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