Stuff to eat.

I threw a little something together for lunch today - turned out pretty tasty!
I "fried" the corn tortilla with a little spray butter to get it warm. Topped it with some lettuce, cucumber, feta cheese, and chopped turkey deli meat. I almost put salsa on it, but decided it wouldn't work with the feta. The boiled egg was for more protein. I had a "cutie" with it, but it didn't make it into the picture. Grand total of 5 WW points. [I was too lazy to get the carrots and celery out, but that would have been good, too.]

Sidenote: If you haven't discovered cuties, please do so. Best. Snack. Ever.

Tonight was pasta night. I love pasta - all kinds, topped with all things. What I have never embraced is whole wheat pasta. The taste is meh, but the texture is really what stops me from using it if I have the option. I had been hearing that food companies are getting better at it, so I bought some more - Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Grain. It hasn't changed my mind, but check out what I did to it. 

Tonight, I made pasta primavera. This is one of my all time favorite Weight Watcher meeting recipes. At least, that's where the base comes from and I've kind of played around with it for years.

Put a little olive oil and fresh garlic in a pan to begin heating. I love zucchini, so I slice that up and throw it in first and stir it around. The easy part is using frozen veggies - I like California Blend, and I don't bother to thaw them first. They'll steam right in the pan.

Add kosher salt, ground pepper, and ground thyme. Toss them around to get the olive oil and seasonings mixed, then put a lid on the pan. They'll steam without getting too soft. I let them cook while the pasta is cooking.

Just before serving, throw in a handful of chopped pepperoni or salami - whatever you have. I had turkey pepperoni, and it worked great. An ounce of that is a lot, and only 2 points. Regular pepperoni is about 3 points, and worth it! I also added 1/2 ounce of fresh parmesan. It takes just a couple of minutes to warm up.

Finally, for tonight, I added pasta sauce. It's great without it, but I was in the mood. This is a large bowl -- there's 1/2 cup of pasta buried under there. The entire thing was 7 points. And it's about three vegetable servings!

And yes, all the toppings sort of covered the texture of the wheat pasta. I'll keep working on that part.


  1. I found your blog!! Looking forward to reading! (P.S. I'm trying the comments out since you asked on FB.) :)

  2. Thanks, Shauna! I'm heading over to check yours out, too!


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