The rules.

To get where I'm going:
  1. Plan meals, then track my food: Every day, even weekends (especially weekends). If I cheat, track it anyway.
  2. Cut out the booze. No more wine, at least for a long time. Even one glass just gives me an excuse not to do something else - not walk, not get off the couch, whatever. So, stop it.
  3. Move. Elliptical, walking, workout videos - whatever I'm in the mood for - no fewer than 4 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. Weights on two of those days, plus one more. That's 5 days - FIVE. Quit whining.
  4. Related to #3, wear the pedometer. It doesn't lie.
  5. Eating out -- no more than once a week. It's expensive in calories and dollars, and my food's better anyway.
  6. Limit computer/TV time -- obviously not during work hours, and I get to watch shows if I'm on the elliptical. But no more just vegging for hours after work.
  7. Try to blog daily. But if blogging keeps me from moving, it gets skipped. I can catch up the next day.
Okay, seven's the number of perfection, right? So I'll stop there. Anything else and I'll just forget them anyway.

This is my last day of holiday break, so it's time to do #1 for the week. Then #3...


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