Week 4 Scorecard

One month down. This week presented different challenges than the previous ones -- not necessarily bad ones -- so I think I'll score it a little differently...

Tracked food - yes, and started again doing both WW and Sparkpeople. Time consuming! But I was hungry quite a few times, and figured out that my calories on WW were hitting below 1000 -- no freaking wonder I was hungry! This is when I get frustrated by points - and probably why I've given up so many times before.

Exercise -- four times. Twice running outside (2.45 miles, and 2.81 miles) and twice on elliptical (45 and 40 minutes, doing rolling hills). Added better stretching to all of those.

Planned food -- yes! And it worked out great when we had unexpected company one night and I just made a little more of what I was already cooking. Of course, I did make a ridiculously good bread, but I didn't eat very much of it.

The unexpected - we went out to hear a friend's band play on Friday night. Didn't eat, did have a glass of wine. Went out to eat for lunch on Saturday, had fish instead of enchiladas. Based on points, never came close to exceeding what I should have eaten. Wanted the entire bowl of chips, but resisted.

I really, really wanted to hit 10 pounds down in the month. And on Friday, I was close for about 3 minutes. That's the problem with weighing most mornings but only recording it on Mondays - you see all kinds of numbers. Anyway, drumroll please...

Minus 1.4! Total so far = 8.5

So after a month, I'm making a few revisions. I'm going to use Sparkpeople for the next several weeks, in addition to WW, because I really think I need to begin the switch to calorie watching instead of points. There are just some artificial "penalties" I think with WW. Foods that I know are good/better choices still cost too much - quinoa, for instance, is basically the same point cost as pasta, when it is a significantly better nutritional choice from an overall perspective. But it also means those handfuls of berries have to be tracked, so I might regret it.

On to Week 5!


  1. Way to go! Super proud of you! Especially for resisting those chips, because I'm not always so good at that. I have to avoid Chuy's because I'll eat an entire basket if someone puts their jalapeno ranch in front of me.

    Good luck this week!


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